You aren't going to want to miss this!

You aren't going to want to miss this!

CORK (Conference on Osteopathic Research and Knowledge) is a conference designed to lead osteopathic medicine into the future. This will be a gathering of all those interested in advancing the field of osteopathic medicine through the use of evidence-based practices.

CORK will bring together the professionals who laid the foundation for osteopathic research and those who are revolutionizing the field through their trailblazing research.

Featured speakers will include world-renowned osteopathic physicians, international osteopaths, and research scientists who have devoted their careers to the work of advancing osteopathic medicine. The conference will include lectures, breakout sessions for more personalized mentoring, and hands-on OMT workshops.

CORK anticipates supporting all levels of osteopathic trainees and physicians as they delve into osteopathic research - from study design to manuscript publication. CORK will offer mentorship, resources, and the tools to support. We eagerly welcome research scientists who wish to partner with us to spark progress.

We will also be hosting a student research presentation opportunity. If you have students that are actively doing osteopathic research- please share with them this incredible opportunity to present and be provided mentorship and feedback from incredible researchers.

Please use the following link to register for the conference in June. If you are unable to attend in person there is also the opportunity to register for the conference virtually. Please consider sponsoring the conference in order to advance osteopathic medicine and research. You can use the following link to review options for sponsorship.

This revolutionary and inaugural conference is one you don’t want to miss!

In addition...

Post-CORK Workshop


Distilling with Still- Friday, June 21st

Sesquicentennial Celebration of Osteopathy- Saturday, June 22nd (register for Cocktail Reception)