OMM Research Symposium

Thank you all who were able to attend and present at the research symposium this past Friday, September 10th.  What a great opportunity to hear what amazing research is currently being conducted at NYITCOM and to start discussions around future collaborations!

Please see attached information regarding presenters and presentations.  Please use the contact information provided to reach out with any questions or input on presentations and studies.

Faculty Presenters:


Contact: Jennifer Xie PhD


Contact: Joanne Donohue PhD


Contact: Martin Gerdes PhD


Contact: Jonathan Geisler PhD

Student Presentations:

Contact: Jerry Jose OMSIII, Academic Medicine Scholar

Contact: Swati Gupta OMSII

Contact: Jai Joshi OMSII

Contact: Edward Modica OMSIII

Contact: Mahima Mangla OMSIII, Academic Medicine Scholar

Contact:  Katherine Loomba OMSIII, Academic Medicine Fellow

Contacts: Christina Parducci OMSIII, Academic Medicine Scholar and Nina Kosciuszek, OMSIII Academic Medicine Scholar

Contacts: Dan Hong OMSIV and Shreya Patel OMSIV

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