Updates for the OMC
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Updates for the OMC

With the transition to warmer weather it is starting to feel like summer is right around the corner.  Us here at the Osteopathic Medicine Center are so excited to celebrate our graduates this weekend.  Congratulations class of 2022!  You are going to do amazing things.  

As things begin to slow down at school, we are looking forward to some time to focus on developing more workshops and research projects.  Please reach out if you have any particular topics that would serve you or if you are interested in participating in OMM research.  

Upcoming Events:

Due to unforeseen circumstances we had to postpone the May 11th workshop "OMT Pearls for Upper Extremity Injuries in World-Class Athletes."  We are currently in the process determining a date and time in June.  Check back on our events page to see the most up to date details.

The "HorseAbility" workshop on May 7th was a wonderful experience for those that were able to attend.  This workshop will be offered again if you were unable to attend.  Please keep an eye on our events page with dates and times for upcoming sessions.

The OMM department is planning to have a faculty development, "Developing Knowledge Through Osteopathy," the morning of June 8th followed by a department lunch sponsored by the OMC.  This will be a great opportunity to connect with colleagues and invest time and energy into growing in our ability to guide our students on their journey through learning osteopathy.  More details to come.

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