Updates from the OMC

sports medicine Mar 4, 2022

Welcome to the weekend.  After a busy week it is good to have time to rest a rejuvenate.  Thank you all who were able to attend this week's virtual event "The Mothers of gynecology."  For those who were unable to attend, will be getting an edited copy of the event and will set up a time to view.

We have several exciting upcoming events this spring.  May 11th we will be collaborating with the Center for Sports Medicine at NYITCOM to present a workshop on using OMM in Sports Medicine.  Visit the Events page on the website for more information.  In addition, we plan to host an "Update to OMM" - time/date and details to come.  The center is also in the process of developing an "OMM Basics Course" for MD physicians and DOs who want to "brush up" on their skills.  I would love any ideas or recommendations as we develop this program.

In reading the osteopathic literature this week, I happened upon this interesting reflection by Dr. Brian Loveless on the need to develop a clear definition of what osteopathic medicine is.

As always, please contact me if you have any ideas or if there is a way the center can serve you in your journey.


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