The Sensofar S Neox is a non-contact 3D optical profiler. It combines confocal, interferometry and focus variation into one sensorhead without any moving parts. A combination of a high-resolution CMOS sensor with high-resolution displays enables the S Neox to acquire sharp, vivid, realistic on-screen images that do not need to be re-scaled.

Software: SensoScan 6.6, SensoMap (Mountains) 7.4 and SSFA module; two additional workstations with SensoMap (Mountains) 9.2 and SSFA module

Ring light also available

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Instrument Specifications

Measurement array: 1232 x 1028 pixels

LED light sources: red (630 nm); green (530 nm); blue (460 nm) and white (550 nm)

Sample height: up to 40 mm (standard); 150 mm (adjustable)

XY sample size: 700 x 600 mm max

Vertical range: 40 mm linear stage; 200um piezo stage

Max. vertical scanning range: PSI 20um; ePSI 100um; VSI 10mm; Confocal 37 mm; Focus variation 37 mm

Z Stage linearity: <0.5 um/mm linear stage; <30 nm/100 um (0.03%) piezo stage

Z stage resolution: 2nm linear stage; 0.75 nm piezo stage

Step height repeatability: 0.1 %

Step height accuracy: 0.5%

Sample reflectivity: 0.05%-100%

Display resolution: 0.001 nm

System: Line Voltage 100-240 V AC; frequency 50/60 Hz single phase