Covid 19 Update: We are currently accepting microCT scanning applications from all users. Internal users may drop-off samples in person at our facility. For our current policy concerning external users, please email us at

Application Steps

1. Submit a scan request form to

2. The MicroCT committee approves the request

3. Contact to schedule scan time

4. Sign a user agreement form - external users only; will be sent prior to arrival
note: only required for first time users or after 5 years of use

Scheduling Process

Scanning time is limited to one day/per week/per person. Thursdays are reserved for external users, other days of the week are reserved for internal users. Scanning will be offered on a first-come, first-served basis. If Monday–Wednesday and Friday are not booked one week before the scanning date, then these days will be available to all users on a short term notice.

Time can be reserved up to two months in advance.

A new scan request form needs to be submitted for each new project.

Update: microCT data can now be retrieved from our data storage system via secure, personalized accounts over the internet! All users will be contacted with additional details.